NSW 2024

Norwich - 16th to 18th August 2024


What is NSW?

National Sporting Weekend – A weekend like no other! Hundreds of tablers from all over the country descending on one city for a weekend of Utter Carnage!!! Sports, Accommodation, Activities and the Evening plans – Everything is included!!! All you need is to get here, and some beer money.

The accommodation and the sports facilities are all at the local university, so everything is within walking distance. The nightlife is all arranged via coach travel from there too – so there really is nothing for you to plan. Everything from the room hire, the sports, all the equipment, the nightlife and breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the price! And you can even pay monthly!

Rock up on the Friday after work and join us for for the Party Boat Night and a big night out in Norwich. After some kip, we will have breakfast on Saturday and then get into a full day of American sports – some you will know!! but others will be brand new to us all!!

The sporting standards are very loose, so all sporting levels welcomed! This is all about the fun and getting involved!


Norwich 2024

Having hosted one of the best NSWs in a long time back in 2015, Norwich is back nearly a decade later!! This time, we will be hosting an American-themed weekend – THE US GAMES!! From the popular American sports we know like baseball, basketball, tennis and soccer, to the lesser known like Lacrosse, Ice Hockey and American Football!! There will be a great mix for us all to get involved in!!

The US theme doesn’t stop with the sports! The weekend will be packed full of entertainment straight from scenes from American Pie! – From the Boat Party on Friday night to the Frat House Party on Saturday! With beer pong, keg chugging, hot dogs and red cups every step of the way!!

In terms of value for money, this is an absolutely class weekend and we have even built in the option to spread the payments over the year! So sign up for as little as £15 a month!

Get booked in!


3 Nights - The American Dream – Make it a Long Weekend! £250

  • Arrive on the Thursday at 5-6ish.
  • Thursday Evening – Join a local table for a quality table night.
  • Friday Breakfast
  • Friday Day – Sailing or Golf (£) or Free Tour
  • Friday Night Boat Party.
  • Friday Evening Food.
  • Saturday Breakfast and Lunch.
  • Saturday Sports.
  • Saturday Fret House Party.
  • Sunday Breakfast.
  • Single occupancy room Thurs, Fri and Sat Night.

2 Nights - The Big Apple – The Full Weekend. £200

  • Arrive on the Friday at 5-6ish.
  • Friday Boat Party (7pm).
  • Friday Evening Food.
  • Saturday Breakfast and Lunch.
  • Saturday Sports.
  • Saturday Fret House Party.
  • Sunday Breakfast.
  • Single occupancy room Fri and Sat Night.

A Saturday Night in Vegas – Cant make Friday? Join us for 1 Night Only! £165

  • Arrive on Saturday by 9am.
  • Saturday Breakfast and Lunch.
  • Saturday Sports.
  • Saturday Fret House Party.
  • Sunday Breakfast.
  • Single occupancy room Sat Night.

The Drive By! Don't Need Accommodation? Local tabler or sorting your own room? No Problem, just book in for the events directly. Prices below...

  • Thursday Night with a Local Table £20
  • Friday Sailing or Golf £30-50
  • Friday Night Boat Party and Food £40
  • Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Sports £40
  • Saturday Frat House Party £40


  • Pay the balance over 10 months. From as little as £15 a month. Why not enjoy a brilliant weekend way with the lads, without having to worry too much about the cost!

Sports and Activities

The Sports are the centrepiece of the event and cover all of the US classics.

  • American Football (low contact),
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Lacrosse
  • Beer Pong
  • Track
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey (Ice rink tbc!)
  • Golf
  • Sailing
  • US Pool
  • Cornhole
  • Poker
  • And a return of European Favourites such as Tug o War, The Beer Mile and Much More.

Arriving Before 5pm Friday? Here are the options….

The Sailing and the Golf are optional extras on the Friday, so for those keen to do these then don’t forget to book in for all 3 nights! The Sailing will be hosted on the beautiful Norfolk Broads, and the Golf will be at the recently £12m renovated Royal Norwich Golf Course! Both promise to be stunning venues.

For those unable to make the Friday brunchtime start for these sports, there will be an early afternoon get-together for everyone left, playing some USA pool and welcoming the stragglers. There will also be a tour of Norwich, the birthplace of Round Table, and a visit to where the first-ever meeting took place.

For anyone arriving on the Thursday and wanting to experience the most out of the weekend, we have several local tables putting on events on Thursday night that can be joined, from VR escape rooms to trampolining dodgeball and medieval combat fighting! Lots to choose from!


Night Life

And finally – on to the carnage!! The Friday Night will see us all transported to the Norfolk Broads for a 2 storey boat party! Red cups and hot dogs in hand, ready for the weekend of carnage! These 100-person paddle steamers are a great way to mix in and make friends with other tablers – all before being ferried back into the city for a night out.

Saturday Night and the carnage will dial up! As we host our very own Frat House Party to announce the winners! With some amazing street food on offer, we will settle into a private venue with a private bar – ready for the mayhem to begin. Beer Pong, Drinking Games, Plenty of Challenges and some classic American Pie era soundtracks! All with a USA themed dress code!

After several poor souls have volunteered to be hung upside down and chug from a keg, we will then descend back on the city for one final night out!

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